Property Sourcing made easy

We source properties full-time and we teach individuals how to source properties.

Kingsriver Property Sourcing works with sellers, developers, vendors, agents, institutions and our students to help structure, secure and exit property deals.

BMV property sourcing

Learn how to successfully source Below Market Value deals


Negotiating discounts

We negotiate prices and secure discounts on properties all across England. We also teach our students to do the same.


Packaging and presenting property investment deals

There are particular ways in which potential buyers want deals to be presented to them. It is essential to know this.



1. Can't find buyers and sellers

We show you many ways in which you can find buyers and sellers

2. Unsure about how to speak to sellers, buyers and agents.

Don’t let this hold you back. We go through lots of easy-to-use templates & scripts so you can reply on a framework.

3. How do you negotiate discount?

Negotiating is a key skill. It is as much a science as it is an art. We show you successful techniques to make this easier.

4. Which contracts do I need in place?

Use ours to start with! We go through clauses that we feel our essential for any property sourcing deals.

5. How to get paid and scale the business

That is the exact attitude you need. We show you ways to ensure you get paid and we also go through growth-hacking methods to put your property sourcing business on steroids.


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