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You might have read "rich dad poor dad book" or listened to "rich dad poor dad audio book" by "robert kiyosaki" and thinking about "real estate basics for beginners", "sourcing real estate deals", "how to source real estate deals", "how to property source" or "best property courses" / "best property courses uk". Well, we Kingsriver Property Sourcing is UK’s leading "sourcing training courses" where we teach you about "deal sourcing", "property sourcing" & "sourcing training".

Kingsriver Property Sourcing’s "property training course" will enable you to become a successful "property sourcer" by “property sourcing uk".

Kingsriver Property Sourcing has trained over 100 successful "deal sourcers" / "property sourcers" that have created their very own "deal sourcing company". All they did was take our "property sourcing course" / "property deal sourcing course" to learn "how to source property", "deal sourcing process", "deal sourcing strategies" & "how to source property deals".

As part of our training, we also show you how to become a "compliant deal sourcer" or a "compliant property sourcer" by taking you through “deal sourcer compliance" / "property deal sourcing compliance".

Our "deal sourcing masterclass" shows you how to do "property sourcing for investors".
Our "property deal sourcing training" will get you doing "property sourcing deals" or "real estate deal sourcing" & how to "package deal contract" all by "deal sourcing property".

We have done 1,000s of "sourced deals" and written "property deal sourcing books" so you can become a "dealsourcer" / "deal sourcer uk" / "deal sourcer property".

Kingsriver "sourcing courses" teach people about "making money through property" so they can become "property sourcing agents" and set up their own "property sourcing companies"

There are others out there teaching this, eg. "samuel leeds deal sourcing" / "deal sourcing samuel leeds" / "alasdair cunningham deal sourcing" / “Jamie York property sourcing” / "jamie york property" / assets for life deal packaging”, but Kingsriver’s "deal sourcing property course" shows you exactly how to set up your very own "property sourcing company" so you can begin "sourcing property for investors" by "sourcing property uk".

Our "property sourcing training" will mentor you on "property deal sourcing" and you "learn about property", "property sourcing compliance", "how to source property for investors" & "packaging property deals".

To do "property investment sourcing" you must first do a "deal sourcing course" and learn from coaching that has created lots of other "property deal sourcers" that know about "deal packaging real estate".

Being a "property deal sourcer" enables you to set up your very own business "property deal sourcing company".

When you are a "property deal sourcer uk" / "deal sourcer" you will be "deal sourcing real estate" or be known as a "property sourcer uk". You will be "sourcing property" (mainly "sourcing investment property" & "sourcing properties for investors".

You can start to "learn property sourcing" through our "property sourcing pdf" on "how to source off market properties" & on our "property dealing course" you will learn "deal sourcing step by step" including all the information from our "deal sourcing books", get all the relevant "deal sourcing contracts", learn all about "setting up a property sourcing company" and become one of the "deal sourcers uk". We specialise in "property sourcing and deal packaging".

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We have trained in excess of 1,000 indiviudals in deal packaging, property sourcing, property investing & LMD Flipping!

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