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Are you thinking about flipping houses and the brrrr method?

Well, "flipping properties" is all about buying a house to renovate and sell.

In order "to flip a house" you are basically buying and selling houses for profit...in other words, buying and flipping houses.

Some refer to it as "buy renovate sell" or "real estate flipping" but ultimately you are buying and selling property for profit. 

If you are thinking of buying property to renovate and sell you should look into our flipping houses program where we also teach you about flipping property in limited company, buying a flipped house, flipping this house and land flipping.

If you are more interested in retaining the asset & generating a cashflow from it (rather than selling it), this is called "the brrrr method".

The "brrrr strategy" or "brrr strategy" stands for buy, refurbish, rent, refinance, repeat.

Performing a "brrrr" begins with finding a suitable brrrr property / brrr properties and also considering your exit via brrrr financing or a brrrr mortgage.

One of the questions we always get asked is what is "brrr meaning property" or what is the "brrrr method real estate"...and we simply say, think about flipping a house, but instead of selling, you keep it. Hopefully that gives you some insight into the brrr property meaning.

In our webinars & seminars we give you a brrr strategy example, a brrrr method example on one of our very own brrr deals.

However, when buying and renovating houses for profit (buying to renovate and sell) or flipping flats, there is a cost to flip a house. 

Flipping houses 101 is to find flip houses for sale, think about house flipping profit and make money flipping houses. You'd be one amongst many "house flipping investors" or "property flippers"

However, imagine if you could do the "brrrr method with no money" or you mastered "flipping houses with no money", you'd be one of the very successful house flipping businesses using the "brrrrr method" or the "flipping houses" method with hardly any risk and huge retunrs.

Our founder invented "LMD Flipping" (Low Money Down Flipping) & over the years he has tweaked it many times to make it one of the most lucratuve property strategies out there.

If you are interested in flipping properties or brrrr, but with low money down, attend one of our exploring sessions for free and at the end of the seminar, you can make a decision as to how much money you think you can make from doing a LMD Flip (low money down flip).

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