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Enter the world of LOW MONEY DOWN FLIPPING:

Learn How to do LMD property flips with low money down...see below

Brought to You by Kingsriver Property Sourcing - founders of the LMD Flipping Strategy

You can do a LMD Flip:

  • without having to take out a mortgage
  • without having to wait 6+ months (as you would in a traditional “house flip” or “the brrrr method”)
  • without being affected by a rising or falling property market
  • without hiring builders or doing a refurb
  • without inheriting any debt
  • without having to go through a refinance
  • without having to find or manage tenants
  • without having to put down a huge deposit
  • irrespective of your credit rating

On the “flip” side (pardon the pun), LMD Flips have the following unique advantages that can give anyone an edge in the property market:

  • low money down
  • complete control over the property (as if you own it)
  • huge upside once successfully executed
  • much shorter time period per project (weeks)
  • run multiple projects at the same time (rather than waiting for months on end)
  • no need for a mortgage

Sounds amazing right? Because it is!

We have created SO MANY success stories

We have trained in excess of 500 indiviudals in lucrative property strategies!

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